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RRSPs and Your Down Payment

As is reported in the news at least once a month, there doesn’t seem to be an end or a limit to the ongoing rise in Canadian house prices. While the cost of housing in Vancouver and Toronto outstrips prices everywhere else,...
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Line 316 Disability Amount Tax Credit

Do you, or a loved one, qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?  The following article explains the requirements to qualify for this tax credit.  We have included links to very detailed information on the Canada Revenue website, which describes qualifying impairments, in text...
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Small Business Accounting Tips

Plenty of small business owners wonder how they should tactically tackle their accounting. They also post this question to their peers, their advisors, their mentors, Google, the internet at-large, small business forums, Meetup groups, email listservs… there are probably even a few...
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Daybreak Rotary Sponsors

Congratulations to West Kelowna West Kelowna Daybreak Rotary on the completion of the JBMAC Playground with the help of all their fundraising! That’s White Kennedy Partner Jodi Hansen third in from the right!

Getting Help With the Cost of Raising Kids

As everyone knows—even those who aren’t parents—raising children is expensive. Even though basic needs like education and health care are publicly funded, there is still a never-ending list of discretionary and non-discretionary costs to be paid. For many decades, parents of school-aged...
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Canadian taxpayers don’t need a calendar to know that the registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contribution deadline is approaching—the glut of television, radio, and internet ads which fill the airwaves and computer screens this time of year are reminder enough. And, while...
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